by Dark Tea

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released March 1, 2017

Gary Canino: vocals, guitar, bass, casio, drums

Andrew Aylward: bass on 1, 3, 4, 6
Jamie Aylward: drums on 1, 6
Tyler Evans: guitar on 4
Ryan Howe: drums on 5
Matthew Koons: drums on 3, 4
Matt Popieluch: tambourine on 2
Alexandra Savior: vocals on 2
Tristan Shepard: pedal steel on 3, 4
Harley Thompson: bass on 5

All songs written by Gary Canino

Album Art by Frankie Carino
Layout by Daniel Abary
Mastered by Jonathan Schenke

track 1, 5, and 6 recorded by Ryan Howe at Mozart St.
mixed by Jason Quever

track 2 recorded and mixed by Jason Quever at Palmetto

tracks 3 and 4 recorded by Mike Kutchman at Kutch-1 Studios
mixed by Jarvis Taveniere


tags: world New York


all rights reserved


Dark Tea Brooklyn, New York

8/22 - Silent Barn w/ Dougie Poole, New Ones

9/9 - Berlin NYC w/ Cones, Cassandra Jenkins

9/23 - North Brooklyn Boat Club, 437 McGuinness Blvd (underneath the Pulaski Bridge)

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garycaninos at gmail
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Track Name: Another Line Crossed
Toss and turn until the mind unwinds
Another line crossed
People talk but the soul defines
The twin headed dog

Another line crossed
Castor! / Pollux! / son
another line crossed

Point guard with the hurt leg
goes and drops the ball
Aries heron with a crippled wing
Still stumbles home

Don't let the sun go down on your anger
A brother is born for adversity
I'll call your name til the throat gives out
Our Lady of Perpetual Health
Track Name: Providence Sky (feat. Alexandra Savior)
The air's alright
Providence sky
I breathe it all for you

In my mind's eye
I feel the tide
I wanted it through and through

Hop in the car and look for you
In the dark i knew the truth
Sit on the bed and watch the news
Motivation in light of the moon

The air's alright
Providence sky
I breathe it all for you

In my mind's eye
I feel the tide
I wanted it through and through

Follow the signs and watch the 'cuse
Pick a number you already choose
If these are my last words to you
Let the barking have attitude
Track Name: Next of Kin
in my mind, all the time i think of you
thoughts behind linger on until they move
you wait 'til the fog rolls in
inheritance or next of kin?

stairs are blind, so stay behind for your truth
when the heart of the matter is brought upon the move
was i so far out of reach? or worthy of a cool preach?

"history repeats, you haven't learned
like an otter wriggling on the berm
another heart you've gone and burned
a rise before a fall

finally pursued and not in pursuit
in this eternal chase, love far removed
now guilt descends, as if by rule
a rise before a fall"

another crash and burn
this side of paradise is yours
if inheritance is bliss
it's the inheritance i missed